Win Easily with Loose Slots and Fruit Machines

Win Easily with Loose Slots and Fruit Machines

The frequent slot players would know what the term "loose slot" means or as the British would call it, "fruit machine." For those who are just starting to enjoy the game of slots, "loose slot" or "fruit machine" are terms that are helpful to know.

When a slot machine has been categorized as a fruit machine or a loose slot, this simply means that this particular slot has been known to pay out jackpots regularly. The antonym of a loose slot is a tight slot, which as can be guessed from the term, are the slot machines that almost never let people win. Finding a loose slot is tantamount to looking for the biblical Holy Grail and sad to say, there is no truth that there is a particular slot machine that is a loose slot. A fruit machine is not confined to any one particular slot.

When we play online slots, we are attracted by the advertisements that their slot machines would have an over ninety percent payback. It becomes very easy to then assume that these machines with the high payback percentages are fruit machines because we often make up a literal translation of this. Simply put, a ninety five percent payback does not mean that ninety five percent of our wagers will come back to us. There isn't even a regular, predictable period when any slot machine will generate the payback.

The slots player would have to check their odds of winning in any slots game to determine if it is a fruit machine. The first thing to do when calculating the odds is to determine how many combinations are possible by multiplying the number of stops per reel. Once we have the possible combinations, we need to find out how many winning combinations there are. For example, if there is only 1 winning combination and 10,000 possible combinations, then the odds of winning are 1/10,000.

However, casinos whether online or land based would be more than willing to advertise loose slots. It does, after all attract the slots players and it creates a wholesome, anticipatory atmosphere. Let's admit it, once we see a player dancing around and screaming, hear the bells ringing indicating that somebody has won, we become all too eager to see whether we're lucky that night. It is possible though to find the fruit machines in older casinos because this is a great way to get as many players as possible to join in the fun.

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